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Brazing Alloy


Brazing Alloy with reliable silver content.

Brazing Alloy are used to weld items without melting the material of the items, using lead ash.

Advantages of Brazing Alloy

  1.  Clear joint through dispersion

  2. Applicable to precision electronics components of thin film and Fine wire

  3. Applicable to eletric connection and heat exchanger due to its complete heat and electric conductivity.

  4. It is possible to seal to make pressure vessel or vacuum sealing.

  5. It makes convenient one-throughput processing for multi-joints. 

  6. Step Brazing for complex casting.

  7. Very little chnage of dimension or transformation compared to welding.

  8. Very clear finishing to give second treatments.

  9. Possible to joint different materials, as well as non-metallic component of Ceramic.

  10. It can be melted dependent on the reheating of Brazing part.

Types of Brazing Alloy : BCuP

Overview of BCuP

Phosphate-Copper Filler Metal is a one to decrease the melting point by adding phosphate to copper and having Self Fluxing effect for copper basic material.
It is possible to improve the processing and dispersing capacity, to decrease the melting point, and promote the flexibility by adding Ag and Sn to Copper-Phosphate alloy. So this Phosphate-Copper Filler Metal has good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance that it is widely used in copper and copper alloy of vessels and heat exchanger.

Alloys and characteristics

Types of Brazing Alloy : Silver Filler Metal

Overview of Silver Filler Metal

Silver Filler Metal is a typical Brazing Materials, its main components are Ag, Cu, and Zn, and it is also added that Cd, Ni, Sn, Mn, and In by its usages.
It is possible to manufacture by customer specific order besides the followings.

Alloys and characteristics

Types of Brazing Alloy : Cd-Free Group

Overview of Cd-Free Group

BAg-5 Type(Ag-Cu-Zn 3 Elements) 
BAg-4 Type(Ag-Cu-Zn-Ni 4 Elements) 
BAg-7 Type(Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn 4 Elements) 
5 Elements(Ag-Cu-Zn-In-Mn)

Cd-Free Group (Without Cadmium)

 It has been widely used in each industry as well electronics that BAg-1, BAg-1A, BAg-2 and BAg-3 out of 10 types internationally standardized Silver Filler Metals, but it contains much amount of cadmium (Cd) of 15~20%.
 Therefore our researchers developed Cd-Free Silver Filler Metal more safe and excellent than existing one to solve safety problems caused by heavy metal cadmium pollution.

Types of Cd-Free silver solder

Recommended specifications for Cd-Free silver solder

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