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Electrical Contact


Electrical Contact are used in many industries such as electric and electronics, communication devices, automobiles, high voltage wiring and elevators where various switches, relays and magnetic switches are used. In recent years, these devices have become smaller or more powerful, requiring high reliability. We use the latest reliability test for contacts to meet consumer needs.

Characteristics required for Contact

  01 Safety and low contact resistance

  02 Good resistance to welding, and definite open/close

  03 Excellent electrical conductivity and heat conductivity

  04 Sure resistance to wear and no changeable to contact surface

Characteristics of TAEWON's Electrical Contacts

  We are comprehensive contact manufacturing company to produce various types and shapes contacts customized to the demand of customers, from general Solid Type Contact to special product of high-tech Double Clad Contact, under perfect quality control based on 30 years experiences and technical cooperation with foreign company. Particularly, it surely satisfies your expectations that our complete guarantee for performance and continuous endeavors to develop more economical and high- powered contact.

Electrical Contact : Rivet-Type

Overview of Rivet-Type Electrical Contact

  In recent, it requires the miniaturization, high performance, and solid confidence in rapidly changing electro-magnetic field. Heesung Metal Ltd. will satisfy customers with perfect quality control from general Solid Type to Projection Type of special features of various Electrical Contact materials of AgCdO to environmental high-performance Cd-Free Electrical Contact.

Advantages of Rivet-Type Electrical Contacts

  1. Relatively easy riveting.

  2. Sufficiently strong and stable the adhesive power by the Electrical Contact riveting used in low voltage current area.

  3. No loss of Spring feature and no acidify due to no heating.

Forms and purposes of Rivet-Type Electrical Contacts

  • Clad Type : Generally used single metal Electrical Contact.

  • Conical Type : Complex Electrical Contact saving materials of Solid Electrical Contact with considering economics.

  • Solid Type : An Electrical Contact riveted to a fragile material such as bakelite.

  • Double Clad Type : Use with F Electrical Contact when Electrical Contact resistance is essential. 
    Electrical Contact failure by corrosion prevention effect (mainly Au-coating).

  • Tubular Type : Make easy insertion into the terminal hole in automatic riveting Line.

Electrical Contact : Plate-Type

Overview of Plate-Type Electrical Contact

  Used in Electromagnetic Contractor, Heavy Duty MCCB, CCB, No Fuse Breaker, ACB, GCB, and etc.; its materials are AgCdO Group and AgSnInOx Group, Ag-W, Cu-W, Ag-WC, and others; shapes are circle, square, and other special types.

Electrical Contact : Material-Wire

Overview of Electrical Contact Material Wire

  Our Electrical Contact materials have materialized the customer satisfaction by providing good processing and high-fidelity materials through continuous development of NEW MATERIAL based on 30 years KNOW-HOW.

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