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TANAKA Consumables


TAEWON PRECISION produces compatible consumables for Tanaka plasma machines. 

We serve you with good price and excellent quality. 

Our products guarantee cost effective investment for your work field.


1. Nozzle Cap

(Reference Number K026277)

2-1. Nozzle / Sus (30R/L, 50R/L)

2-2. Nozzle 300R

(Reference Number B467345)

2-3. Nozzle 300L

(Reference Number B467374)

2-4. Nozzle 400R

(Reference Number B467344)

2-5. Nozzle 400L

(Reference Number B467373)

2-6. Nozzle 500R

(Reference Number B467345)

2-7. Nozzle 500L

(Reference Number B467374) 

3-1. Swirler Liner L

(Reference Number K026320)

3-2. Swirler Liner R

(Reference Number K026316)

4. Electrode

(Reference Number A467342)

5. Electrode Holder

(Reference Number K026309)

TAEWON PRECISION COMPANY is in no way affiliated with the above mentioned manufacturer, TANAKAReferences to the above named machines, torches, consumables, and reference numbers are for convenience only. 

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